Wall clock with safe deposit box locker cassette storage Z23

$ 2.69

Wall clock with safe-deposit box Z23



  • Dial – WHITE
  • Indicators and numbers – BLACK
  • Cover – SILVER

The secret (slightly thicker) clock looks and works exactly the same.

Ideal for storing valuable jewellery, cash, credit cards or other valuables.

No matter what you hide under the clock, you’ll be safe.


  • Power supply – 1 AA battery (not included)
  • Dimensions: diameter – 25 cm (9.8 inch), thickness – 7 cm (2.8 inch)

  • Size of the safe: diameter – 22 cm (8.7 inch), thickness – 5 cm (2 inch)


  • Functional clock,

  • Deposit box for valuables,

  • Simple hinged design,

  • Three shelves inside

Note: The clock is sold without content!

If you are sceptical about storing valuables in a cash safe, or simply don’t trust yourself to remember the combination of numbers in the safe, this clock may be just for you.

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